'The Sun Also Rises' by Hemingway is one of the best pieces of inadvertent marketing ever produced. It created attention and hype in America for the Festival of San Fermín in Pamplona the likes of which no advertisement could replicate. That's the power of a story. 

Consistent storytelling and content across the funnel is the fuel that makes your sales and marketing engine burn. A keen understanding of your company's story and how to tell it effectively is what I bring to the party.

My process is to set up an introductory meeting for both parties to get to know one another. Plus, it helps me get a better sense of my potential client's business goals and content marketing needs. 

From there, a second meeting will help lock in the scope of work, pricing rates, next steps, and other negotiables. This information will allow me to put together a proposal to send to you.   

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